I Love my job...

Plain & simple


I am living in a world where I can say "I LOVE my job!" This isn't a dream anymore, it's reality!

My name is Lindsay Foster, and I am married to a wonderful, hard working man/father to my two beautiful girls.
My girls are each an exact replica of my husband and I. We have one of each of us. How great is that?

I graduated with a Graphic Design diploma and did my fair share of jobs associated with Graphic Design until my first daughter was born. This was when I picked up my camera and immediately saw my life before my lens.
I am now in my 5th year as a professional photographer. I strive to be a photographer that is constantly researching and learning new techniques and ideas. I know that there is always room to grow and keep my goals high.
There is no greater gift than to give the gift of memories to my clients. Treasures forever.

With Love,
Lindsay Foster Photography